Your Financial FactSheet was officially started in January 2009 and is the premier one-stop online financial education and information resource center for Jamaica. Today, the center is the philanthropic arm of Your Best By Faith Inc. Our aim is to enlighten, enrich, and engage the public on a range of financial matters by bridging the informational gaps between investors and financial institutions.

Therefore, the website provides product simplification and educational information on Jamaica’s financial sector through the provision of an unbiased bank comparison system, and other self-help tools. At the basic level, we define and outline in simple terms some of the complex financial products on offer in the financial sector with references to listed banks/ investment companies, which may meet consumer needs based on possible investor classifications and other unbiased information. By matching the most suitable classification, and gaining general awareness of product availability, bank rates, fees etc., consumers may gain insight into the possible direction of their banking/ investment or general financial activity.

To facilitate ease of research and support more informed banking/ investment decision-making, the website also provides useful financial web links, responses to market news, and interest rates (on savings, loans, mortgages, JMD repo accounts etc) applied by banks and investment companies across the financial sector. In addition, we provide ease of access to bank fees/ charges, foreign exchange rates, daily stock market, and financial/ business news updates – among other resources.

The benefit for the financial sector is the availability of an unbiased and very useful financial information resource center that enhances awareness, competitiveness, and engagement with a wider cross-section of society. However, you, our users are the winners. Whatever financial information gives you difficulty finding or understanding, Your Financial FactSheet will do the hard work and provide it for you, here, in one place, available to you on-the-go, and in the comfort and convenience of your computer everyday.