SPEND MORE – Davies wants Government to focus on capital projects

Jamaica Gleaner: “SPEND MORE – Davies wants Government to focus on capital projects”
OPPOSITION SPOKESMAN on Finance Dr Omar Davies is proposing that the Govern-ment spend more on capital projects this fiscal year, with a view to generating income for many Jamaicans and to “return hope to many faces”.

Jamaica Observer: “Repercussions of New Dividend Tax”
The budget presentation has come and gone but whispers for clarity linger in the air. The opposition is dressed in black as it protests the decisions made while some individuals attempt to wreak havoc on society through disorderly conduct.

Jamaica Observer: “New taxes burden workers most, say some stakeholders”
Some economic stakeholders, including unions, say the new tax measures will burden workers whilst minimally taxing the wealthy but the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) disagrees and calls it equitable.

Jamaica Observer: “JPS, Pegasus sale to plug another hole”
Finance Minister Audley Shaw’s tax package is projected to give an $18-billion boost to Government revenue but raising another $13 billion to meet its expenditure is hinged on the state selling its stake in the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, located in Kingston.