“Improved Earnings Indicate Economic Recovery?”

Jamaica Observer: “Improved earnings indicate economic recovery?”
These days one cannot turn on the television to a US news station without hearing reports of yet another company’s earnings “beating expectations”.

Jamaica Observer: “The junior market – a stimulus for your business”
The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service and the Jamaica Stock Exchange are well advanced in their efforts to launch a Junior Market in Jamaica. The aim behind the creation of this Junior Market is to enable small- and medium- sized enterprises to raise capital from the public.

Jamaica Observer: “FX winners”
On the face of it, a rapidly deteriorating Jamaican dollar against its major counterpart – the US dollar – negatively impacts the economy and in a real way means higher costs to manufacturers, distributors and ultimately consumers.

Jamaica Observer: “Krugman: US ‘depressed economy’ could last 5 years”
SEOUL, South Korea
The United States may emerge from recession as early as this summer, though further job losses mean a “depressed economy” could last as long as five years, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said yesterday.