New taxes today

Jamaica Gleaner: “New taxes today”

Several new tax measures take effect today as the Government
dips deeper into the pockets of most Jamaicans in an effort to finance its bills.

Jamaica Observer: “Mixed fortunes for Caribbean economies in 2009, says new report”

THE Caribbean Economic Performance Report 2009, compiled by the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance, recently projected the member states to end this year with mixed fortunes, as some will see growth while others will be in deficit.

Jamaica Observer: “The Government is the Grim Reaper of the professional classes”

THE decision taken last week to revise tax measures announced in Parliament five days previously sees the Government for all intents and purposes placing the burden of closing the deficit gap squarely on the shoulders of the middle and professional classes.

Jamaica Observer: “Trinidad cannot afford to give Ja financial assistance-Bharath”

Trinidad&Tobago’s Prime Minister Patrick Manning will provoke anger from the population should he lend assistance to Jamaica which is challenged by serious financial difficulties, says Opposition MP Vasant Bharath.