Jamaica’s fate should not lie in the hands of the IMF

“Jamaica Observer: Jamaica’s fate should not lie in the hands of the IMF”

THE decision by the Jamaican Government to go back to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) underscores the fact that the economic and financial management of the country for the last two decades has by and large been unsuccessful.

Jamaica Gleaner: “Golding responds to ‘money printing’ concern”

PRIME MINISTER Bruce Golding has said that his administration was in the process of crafting a new policy to reduce interest rates. Golding was responding to a question about the Government obtaining advances from the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) and former finance minister Dr Omar Davies’ sharp criticism of that move.

Jamaica Gleaner: “BOJ governor telegraphs confidence – Says market will like new IMF programme”

Jamaica’s central bank Governor Brian Wynter is confident the economic doubts that caused the domestic financial market to reject recent government bond offers will be lifted, removing the need for continued Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) lending, except in the most extreme circumstances.