Hughes sees grim year ahead, even with the IMF

Jamaica Observer: “Hughes sees grim year ahead, even with the IMF”

FINANCIAL secretary Wesley Hughes expects flat growth and single digit inflation for fiscal year 2010/11, provided Jamaica secures the debt swap next week.

Jamaica Observer: “BOJ head says debt, fiscal management key to repaying IMF”

Governor of the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Brian Wynter has said that Government’s debt management programme will be a critical first step to repaying the US$1.25 billion loan agreement that the country is expected to sign with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Jamaica Observer: “JDX good for GOJ and good for business”

THE Bruce Golding Administration has received kudos for taking the bull by the horns and tackling the country’s crippling debt burden head on. Its newly launched Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) programme and medium-term economic plan are stepping stones toward sustained economic growth.