Market capitulates on rates – Benchmark T-bill yields 12.5%

Jamaica Gleaner: “Market capitulates on rates – Benchmark T-bill yields 12.5%”

In what appears to be a capitulation to Government’s push to lower rates in line with the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) offer, the monthly treasury bill auction yielded 12.5 per cent on the benchmark six-month bill and 11.68 per cent on the three-month issue.

Jamaica Observer: “JDX success should allow JA to move away from high interest rate model”

All the feedback so far on the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) has been overwhelmingly positive, exceeding even the most optimistic expectations, whether one talks to institutional investors (even amongst pension funds and life insurance companies who have particular difficulties with the offer), key bankers, business leaders or even most (obviously not all) individual investors.