IMF chief: world recovery sluggish

Jamaica Observer: “IMF chief: world recovery sluggish”

WASHINGTON DC, USA — THE head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that while the global economy is recovering at a sluggish pace, the recovery remains uncertain because of the risk that not enough jobs will be created to make the rebound secure.

Jamaica Observer: “Corporate bonds: an opportunity for firms and investors”

SINCE February 2010, the yield on the Bank of Jamaica’s (BOJ) six month Treasury Bill (T-Bill) has declined by 3.02 per cent. Consequently, the results of the most recent T-Bill auction came as no surprise to the market as current economic conditions continue to foster a low interest rate environment, at least for Government of Jamaica (GOJ) and BOJ instruments.

Jamaica Observer: “I guarantee it!”

THEORETICALLY, a lender’s comfort with extending financing facilities to a borrower is reflected in the interest rate charged on the loan. A comprehensive collateral coverage and a high level of comfort in relying on this security usually translate into a reduced interest rate charged on the loan.

Jamaica Observer: “US Consumer, business confidence both weaken”

NEW YORK, United States — AMERICANS’ view of the economy turned grimmer in September amid escalating job worries, falling to the lowest point since February.